Railway Structure

Thanks to its consolidated experience in the transport sector and its technical expertise, CMC Rail offers the possibility to develop and optimize complex metal structures through the choice of materials and assembly systems.

Clima Processor

CMC Rail intends to implement the Clima Processor distribution network in Italy and abroad. We are looking for Partners and distributors for Clima Processor products, our precision air conditioning systems:
- Qualified partners to plan, install and provide after sale support at the customers' premises.
- General Contractors for industrial systems and communication/data centers interested in Close Control Clima Processor modular, customizable and reliable systems.
- Engineering/consulting companies looking for technologically advanced precision air conditioning solutions with low environmental impact and management costs.

Air Conditioning for Parked Airplanes

A complete range of state of the art low environmental impact system for all the sizes of aircraft and telescopic boarding brigdes.

Cooling Systems for Shelters and Containers

Cooling systems designed for extreme environmental conditiona and mobile installations.

Our Activities

We are specialized in the design/construction of mechanical structures, specific products and complete "turnkey" air conditioning systems.

Railway and Special Structures

Design and construction of structures for high-speed trains, regional trains, trams, subways and special vehicles

Precision Air Conditioning

Close Control systems for data centers and technological rooms

Airport Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioning group for parked airplanes and boarding bridges

Shelters Air Conditioning

Air conditioning solution for shelters and containers

CMC Rail Work With Us!

CMC Rail has a strong technological vocation. For this reason the professionals who work with us are united by their technical interest and the desire to constantly seek innovative solutions, starting with the preliminary design phase, to improve the production process and the performance of the products and services offered. If this professional approach applies to you, send us your.


Our Products

Riveted Aluminum Structures

Design and production of riveted aluminium structures for locomotive roofs

Metal Structures

Metal structures for traction converters for railway vehicles

Structural Frames for Special Vehicles

Production of structural frames for special vehicles in the transportation industry

Carbon Steel Structures

Engineering and production of welded and/or riveted carbon steel structures according to the customer's specifications and drawing

Stainless Steel Structures

Engineering and production of welded and/or riveted stainless steel structures according to the customer's specifications and drawing

Aluminium Alloy Structures

Engineering and production of welded and/or riveted aluminium alloy structures according to the customer's specifications and drawing

Transformer Tanks

Construction of transformers tanks in steel, stainless steel and aluminium alloys for railway vehicles, locomotives, trains and trams

Welded or Riveted Metal Structures

Design and production of welded or riveted metal structures for air conditioning units or inverters for railway vehicles, underground railways, locomotives and rail vehicles

Aluminium Alloy Structural Parts

Engineering and production of structural part for metro and high speed trains such as pilot cabin structures and locomotive roofs. The welding process is in compliance with EN 15085

CC Chilled Water

For cooling capacity ranges from 8.6 to 223.7 kW. Chilled water unit
Data Sheet

CA/CW Direct Expansion Air/Water Condensed

Direct expansion unit for cooling capacity from 5.4 to 95.2 kW
Data Sheet

DC Rack Cooler

Cooling capacity until 60 kW. Available in two sizes from 300 to 600mm for direct rack cooling. Water condensed and BLDC compressor versions available
Data Sheet

CA/DCI BLDC Compressor

Direct expansion Close Control air conditioning air or water condensed with inverter controlled BLDC compressor.
Data Sheet

CM Compact Unit

CM CLIMA PROCESSOR is a compact direct expansion Close Control air conditioning air or water condensed
Data Sheet

CN/CNC Condensing Unit

CN/CNC CLIMA PROCESSOR are air cooled condensing units
Data Sheet

CD/CE/CF/CT Dual-Fluid

Cooling capacity from 16 to 108 kW with redundant cooling also in the free cooling version and with dry cooler
Data Sheet

Special Solution

Development of special products for any market need

Data Sheet
Hybrid Air Water Units

Air Water hybrid units for parked airplanes CPA-H

Data Sheet

Direct Expansion Air Water Units

Direct expansion unit for parked airplanes CPA-X

Data Sheet

Telescopic Tubes

Telescopic piping to transport air conditioning to the aircraft

Outdoor Roof Mounted Units RT

Designed for shelters e containers
Data Sheet

Outdoor Wall Units CK

Designed for shelter e containers
Data Sheet

Outdoor Roof Mounted Units RT

Designed for shelter e containers
Data Sheet

Indoor Floor Mounted Units CM

Designed for shelter e containers
Data Sheet

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Aluminium Structures


Special Vehicle Frames


Trasformer Tanks


Structural Parts Alloy


Carbon Steel


Metal Carpentry


Metal Structures


Aluminium Alloy Structures


Stainless Steel


Precision Air Condictioning


Airport Conditioning


Shelters/Containers Condizioning


Our Company

We are a company founded on achieving customer satisfaction. In the name of this value, our production cycle is designed in a flexible way, to be able to adapt to specific and different needs, from time to time. Consequently, our products can be defined as real tailor-made products. Flexibility in every area therefore, from design to production: a process of constant refinement that leads us to find, for each customer, the best production approach, attentive to changing market conditions

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Production Process

Transforming the production factors (raw materials, machines, work, design) into products that can be sold on the market













CMC History


CMC Group started its activity with the production of steel structures, in particular for die casting machines, ventilation units and parts for the automotive market.


At the end of the 70s, CMC Group begins shipment of the first products for the rail industry such as converter cases and battery charger cases for railway vehicles.

At the same time, it provides numerous soundproof cabins for generators. Countless steel bases are also produced. These are the supporting element of injection moulding machines for the production of plastic materials.


In the 90s, work with companies in the rail sector creates partnerships that lead to the creation of an office specializing in the design of railway components.

The products are designed and developed using CAD and calculated with programs that use the FEM method.

With this new structure and methodology, the goal to optimize the cost and quality of the finished product is reached.


The early 90s sees the beginning of the design and supply of cases for converters for ETR 460/470/480 (Pendolino) electric trains and electronic control for E652 locomotives.

Aluminum alloy cases for the inverter system for the Eurotram in Strasbourg are also developed and produced.

The need to reduce the weights for high speed structures leads the way to the design and prototyping of the aluminum alloy frame for the chopper inverter for the ETR 480 train, which uses rivets and structural adhesives as connecting elements for the first time.


Starting in 1996, aluminium alloy frames are produced for the inverters for the E412 locomotive and stainless steel cases for 35kW underbody converters for railway carriages.

The design, prototyping and manufacture of rames for E464 locomotive inverters begins and is accompanied by the development of the new roof for the same locomotive, which also uses rivet and structural adhesive technology.


In 2000 the company continues supplying roofs, battery charger cases, MV/LV conduit, HV ducta and converters for about 650 E464 locomotives.

Considerable numbers of cases for tramway air conditioning systems are designed and created, applying the then innovative rivet technology.

The production of roofs for locomotives is consolidated with the international supply of different versions of these products. The business of designing and supplying components for the pre-conditioning of aircraft begins for several international airports.


Starting in 2010, a new field develops for the creation and marketing of precision air conditioning systems for data centers (close control), aimed at the international market. CMC developed a complete range of solution as well as focused on special products and customized solution according to market and customer needs.

In the railway sector, production starts on aluminum alloy frames for the cabins and sills on the ETR1000 high-speed train and side walls and floor for metro.


New product lines of cooling system for technological containers and shelters are developed and supplied to important internation customers and end users.
In the airport field, the package for the pre-cooling odf the aircrafts during parking and for the telescopic bridges, is updated and improved.

In 2017 a re-organization process leads to a merger where CMC Rail s.r.l. has joined all the former companies of the group.

Our Skills


Important Projects

Our Numbers

CMC Rail is a constantly evolving reality attentive to the market and innovation, some numbers that represent our business in 2017



CMC Rail has achieved numerous certifications with the most prestigious Certification Bodies. In the railway sector in particular, as in all high-tech sectors, it is not enough to make quality products. It is necessary to document the whole system and the production chain: Management> Organization> Production

  • EN 2016
    EN15085 - CL1
  • CERT.N. 131R
  • UNI EN 15085-2
  • Exp. 14/7 2024

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